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The creators | Elemental Magic
An enchanting story taking you on a wondrous adventure with the elements. Have fun meeting the different characters and learn how they all come together to create nature! This beautiful rhyming story will inspire you to see nature in a whole new magical way.
Emily, the Author
This story came to me as I was sitting on a train watching the sunrise. I love seeing all the elements together and we can learn so much from nature. For me, I am like Skyla, constantly learning and creating, discovering the wisdom of the world. Each of us have different strengths within us, and this story shows how when we all come together is when true magic happens!
Deanna, the Illustrator
When Emily told me she wanted me to draw the pictures for her book, I was delighted and excited to bring her beautiful story to life.   I took much of my inspiration for my drawings from my time spent in the colorful beauty of Dharamsala, India. I, too, am much like Skyla, but I definitely have some Pyro in me too!  I am always exploring, dreaming, learning, creating, and traveling, and I love the magic of nature.

Some info for parents, a note from the author

There is a lot of pressure on young people projected from the media to conform – to look a certain way, watch certain programmes, listen to certain music, etc. Something really missing from their lives is appreciation of the natural world. The beauty of nature is a gift which cultivates gratitude. Happiness can often be achieved on a very surface level for young people, through social connections and materialism. Appreciation of nature creates a deep rooted happiness from the heart that will help to ground a young person in this hectic world. If they can look up at the sky and connect with it and appreciate it, that is very powerful, as the sky will always be there for them to look to.

This book is a tool to help parents to teach their children about the magic of nature. At the end of the book is a rhyme teaching the child how and why a plant needs all four elements to grow, and setting them a task to plant a seed. This is a fun activity you can do with your child, and then you can take a photo of their plant when it grows, email it to us and we will put it on this website.

I have also created the game Elemental Magic to give children a unique experience that will help them to connect with their own magic they have inside. We all learn so much better through experience, so the idea is that the game brings the story to life and they really get to experience the teachings. By actually meeting the characters they will be able to connect with them on another level.

Nature is such a powerful teacher and by teaching through the metaphors of nature, the lessons will stay because nature surrounds us all of the time. I am passionate about inspiring young people and helping them realise their own greatness. This is the purpose of Elemental Magic.

There will be many more books and games in the series, this is the very first in a movement towards making the love of nature aspirational for young people.